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Spend Some Chillaxing Time at The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar, Bangkok

“A Bangkok Rooftop Bar merging internationally inspired food and drink concepts”


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The Speakeasy, Hotel Muse, Bangkok, Thailand

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Some important verses in Korean

If you know the language of the country that you are visiting, then you will definitely be at an advantage. However, not all of us are multilinguals.

For people with a particular dietary requirement, the following list of phrases from Have Halal Will Travel will help you with your food requirement when you are in South Korea:

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6 verses to help you in Thailand

Remember that feeling when you want to communicate with the locals but then they don’t quite understand you. In the end, you resort to body language and after what seemed like hours (reality, it was probably just 10mins max), you finally think that you connect but then you DON’T! LOL! well, maybe next time you can use the following to help you on your journey.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong but the following was what I was taught on my last visit to Krabi, Thailand. Such a beautiful place with beautiful people.

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Poem #9: Humdrum Tantrum

Tantrum Droplets of rain fell from the sky, like teardrops from her eye, as she goes through the monotony of routine, like flushing the latrine, makes her want to throw a tantrum, beating out the well-worn drum, screaming and stomping, eating and shopping, how much will it matter in the end,  family and friends, Awake and breathe and then… learn to live again!   Live … Continue reading Poem #9: Humdrum Tantrum

Take a bite at APeach Cafe, Busan

Busan, a city of hopes and dreams. A few minutes away from Nampo Station Exit 7, APeach Cafe (located on the fourth floor of Kakao Friends store)…thinking the building was another Kakao Friends souvenir centre, I went up each and every floor and voila! APeach Cafe! So pretty! the first thing you will see as you go up the stairs is the signage.



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Jim Thompson House and Museum, Bangkok

Jim Thompson – a legend, a mystery… All that remains is his house and the history of Thai silk.

“On March 26th 1967, Jim Thompson disappeared while on a visit to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Not a single valid clue has turned up in the ensuing years as to what might have happened to him. His famous Thai house, however, remains as a lasting reminder of his creative ability and his deep love of Thailand.”

excerpt from the handout that visitors will receive as part of the tour

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